Primark can be offering value for cash by: •Sourcing merchandise effectively •Making clothes with simpler designs •Using native fabric and trims Focusing on case study answer greatest sizes •Buying in volume •Not spending closely on ads. The largest Primark shop is determined on Market Street, Manchester, England. Some 100,000 sq ft 9,300 m2 of retail area is unfold throughout its three flooring. It took over from Liverpool in 2008 after TK Maxx moved from case look at answer basement floor to case study solution Arndale Centre, permitting Primark to extra expand Corporate Social Responsibility Every business has case study answer company social duty CSR to be Ethical in its company atmosphere and CSR is about responsibility to all stakeholders and never just shareholders. We will write a custom essay pattern on Primark and Ethical Business. Doc especially for you FOR ONLY $16. So Cuffe contacted wine department shops and restaurants in case look at answer seven largest U. S. towns, including Chicago and Washington, D. C. , defined her industrial idea and asked to host tasting hobbies, which they agreed to at no cost. Cuffe also located ads on Craigslist to recruit testers that fit her goal demographics millennials, ladies and African Americans.