To identify case examine solution main barriers to case examine solution increase and advancement of e commerce inorganisations.  WHAT IS ELECTRONIC COMMERCE?Even today, some plentiful time after case look at answer so referred to as ‘dot com/Internetrevolution’, electronic commerce e trade continues to be a relatively new,rising and constantly altering area of business control andinformation era. There has been and is still much publicity and dialogue approximately e commerce. Library catalogues and shelves arefilled with books and articles on case study answer field. However, there is still asense of misunderstanding, suspicion and false impression surrounding case examine solution area,which has been exacerbated by case examine answer different contexts by which electroniccommerce is used, coupled with case study answer myriad related buzzwords and acronyms. This book aims to consolidate the. and case study solution receiverPerson who is case study solution meant recipient of a message or verbal exchange. —replacing advice or ideas. The model comprises main tactics and functions categorized as encodingThe procedure of changing a message to be sent to a receiver right into a symbolic form akin to letters, pictures, or language. , decodingThe process of changing an encoded message into meaning on case study answer a part of case study solution receiver. , responseAn motion taken by case study answer receiver based on a message. , and feedbackThe approach of offering tips back to case study answer sender in response case look at answer message.