All call are outbound. Projects last 2 12 weeks. Pay per project varies. Company’s web page says, it calls for “a fee of $50 in consideration of these costs if an Independent Contractor does not finished their first project under case look at solution agreed upon phrases. “OracleCustomer Service, Software Developer, SalesTechnology enormous deals many positions as full time do business from home or with bendy hours that enable do business from home. Unfortunately browsing “work at home” in case study answer agency’s job posting will bring up many that are targeted as “not do business from home. On a native level, in case examine solution nineteenth and early twentieth century, Springfield, Massachusetts was case look at resolution hot bed of creativity and innovations. Springfield was known as “The City of Progress” for its contributions to innovation. Among case study answer inventors and their innovations were: Thomas Blanchard, who created interchangeable elements which cause case examine resolution Springfield Armory being case look at resolution birthplace of modern manufacturing; Charles Goodyear, who created and patented vulcanized rubber; Charles and Frank Duryea, who built America’s first gas powered car; James Naismith, who invented basketball and Horace Moses, who based Junior Achievement in 1919. In 1954, Rachel Fuller Brown, who was born in Springfield, MA in 1898, was working for case study solution New York State Department of Health with Elizabeth Lee Hazen, “created nystatin, an antibiotic which was in a position to cure disabling and disfiguring infections of case look at answer mouth, throat, skin and intestinal organs. It might also be mixed with antibacterial medicines. ” “Famous Women Inventors,” 2012 Today Springfield’s glory days are but a distant memory.