In addition, Islamic law prohibits investing in agencies that are regarded unlawful, or haraam. Amongst case examine answer governing ideas of an Islamic bank are: case look at solution absence of interest based riba transactions; case study answer avoidance of financial actions regarding oppression zulm case examine solution avoidance of economic activities concerning speculation gharar; case look at answer creation of an Islamic tax, zakat; case look at answer discouragement of case look at solution creation of goods and amenities which contradict case look at answer Islamic price haram Islamic law considers a loan to be given or taken, freed from charge, to satisfy any contingency. Thus in Islamic Banking, case look at solution creditor are not take benefit of case examine answer borrower. When cash is lent out on case examine solution foundation of interest, more often it results in some kind of injustice. Website of sooperarticles. om Conventional Banking Conventional banking is according to case study solution principle that case study solution more you’ve, case study answer more you could get. ”Mary Ellen Guffey, Business Communication, 6th ed. Mason, OH: South Western Publishing, 2008, 280. Some of case examine solution best manufacturers have dissatisfied their customers but showed empathy after they apologized. For instance, case examine answer letter from then JetBlue CEO David Neeleman proven in Figure 5. 3 “Letter of Apology from JetBlue” is an example of a letter of apology that demonstrates empathy and emotional connection and also deals corrective action. Figure 5.